Garden Maintenance and Landscaping


Since 1991, family-owned business Agapantha Greening has been offering Cape Town residents professional garden maintenance and landscaping services. Our client base ranges from private property owners to commercial properties, large estates and hotels. We also manage properties for overseas clients.

Our staff are easily recognisable in their blue overalls with our name and telephone number on the back, and green T-shirts and caps bearing our logo. We are fully insured; we are VAT registered and comply with all the required governmental laws.

Agapantha Greening offers the following garden maintenance services :

  • Garden maintenance with fully supervised teams
  • Landscaping
  • Garden clean-ups
  • Irrigation installation and repairs
  • Novelty gardens, decking, paving and gazebos
  • Water features
  • Estate and grounds maintenance
  • Indigenous and water-wise gardens
  • Fertilizing, composting, pruning and planting


We Understand The Importance of Regular Garden Maintenance


With over 21 years’ experience in the industry, our work adds value to your property by transforming your garden into your very own Paradise, a tranquil place where you can unwind at the end of the day. That is why we understand the importance of good, regular garden maintenance in keeping your place of peace in tip-top shape. Our supervised teams will attend to the following throughout the year:

  • Mowing of lawn and trimming of edges
  • Weeding and turning of flower beds
  • CuttingĀ  and pruning of hedges and shrubs
  • Raking and sweeping of necessary areas
  • Dead head pruning of flowers and drooping dead leaves


Seasonal Garden Maintenance

Late summer and early autumn is a time of transition in your garden and many of your spring and summer perennials can begin to look a bit scruffy at this time of the year. This is usually due to insect activity or from the natural weathering of plants over the season. This is where we can improve the look of your garden. Our autumn garden maintenance service will ensure that these aging and dead plants are pruned and cut back. Cape Town winters bring with them the howling North Wester, which often means a garden full of leaves and broken plants. Our garden clean up service is well worth it in ensuring a neat and tidy garden throughout the Cape winter season.

Compost and Fertilizer Supply

A great way of keeping your garden healthy and vibrant is through use of compost and fertilizer. We supply compost, which helps sandy soil retain water. The addition of our compost improves soil fertility and stimulates chlorophyll production and healthy root development in plants. Not all plants are able to access the vital nutrients found in the soil, particularly if it is poor quality soil as we often find in Cape Town. Therefore it is often necessary to give our gardens a little nutritious boost to get them looking their best!