Garden Irrigation


Our garden irrigation systems are designed with the purpose of supplying an adequate amount of water to your lawn and plants, as well as being a labour saving device. We install manual or automatic irrigation systems to provide an even distribution of water to each section of your garden. We also install water tanks and well point pumps and our automatic systems can be programmed to comply with water restrictions. Our garden irrigation systems are user friendly and there is no need to worry about your garden being neglected while you are away on holiday.


Common Types of Irrigation Systems 


Manual (Low Volume) Irrigation Systems

We can install drip irrigation systems, which is a technique where water flows through a filter into special drip pipes, with spaced apart emitters. Water is distributed through the emitters directly into the soil near the roots through a slow-release device.

Our drip irrigation system installations can help achieve water conservation by reducing evaporation and deep drainage. One of the main advantages of drip irrigation systems is that water can be more precisely applied to the plant roots.


Automatic Irrigation Systems

A huge benefit of our automatic irrigation system installations is that they are easily programmable and can be programmed to run at night when the evaporation is low, and in times of water restrictions. This is of course an important factor in the hot, dry Cape Town summer.

Our automatic irrigation systems are installed to best suit your needs, which in turn will save you time and money. You can have your timers set so that watering will take place at the times that best suit your landscape and the climate where you live.

You can also go on holiday, knowing that your lawns and flowers will be maintained and flourishing when you return. Our automatic irrigation system installations ensure a greater saving on water, as well as improved plant and lawn growth for a healthy and luscious garden!