Specialized Services

We have a wide variety of services to suite your every need.

Specialised Garden Services


Agapantha Greening offers professional garden landscaping services in Cape Town that adds value to your property. We are able to create a look and feel in your garden of your choosing. A well landscaped garden should be an outstanding feature of your property and we attain this by designing indigenous and water-wise gardens, rose gardens, or designs of your own choice.

Garden Irrigation Systems

Our garden irrigation systems are designed to supply an adequate amount of water to your lawn and plants. We install manual or automatic irrigation systems that will provide an even distribution of water to each section of your garden. We also install water tanks and well point pumps and our automatic systems can be programmed to comply with water restrictions. Our garden irrigation systems are user friendly and there is no need to worry about your garden being neglected if you are away.

Grass Laying Services

There are few things more beautiful than a lush, green lawn and no doubt that laying new grass will greatly improve the look of your home and property. A great way to enhance the appearance of your yard is to lay a new turf lawn. Agapantha Greening’s grass laying service will ensure an even and uniformly green lawn that will make you the envy of your neighbours!

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